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   Solar Fields, LLC
     Christopher Smith
     19 Prospect Street
     Hatfield, MA 01038
     Ph. (413) 247-5362


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Are you looking for help planning a renewable solar energy project? Questions such as ... "should we invest in solar electric, or solar hot water, or both?" ... "is our property a good candidate for solar?" ... "Who is the best contractor for either solar electric or solar hot water?" We can answer these and other questions you may have, at no cost to you, and with no commitment. Call, email or go to our new website to set up an appointment to discuss your options.

For more information, please contact Christopher Smith at (413) 247-5859, email at SolarFields@comcast.net, or go to our web page at SolarFieldsLLC.com.


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Phone: (413) 247-5362
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